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Space there’s only so much and when you  run out that’s it or is it what if you  could do more with the space you have  what if there was a smarter way to use  space there is let’s imagine a room that  everyone uses 24 hours a day it’s a  living room it’s a play room  better make it easy to clean up and if  we use this space up here it can also be  a bedroom  stackable stools doors on wheels a  fed-up in the air small ideas can  transform a small space in the generous  space that works for everyone.

It’s about  maximizing space being a little creative  with how you use it so what if we get a  little creative with a space like this does a living room really need a sofa  what if you tried something different  there you’ve just created a whole wall  for storage  and a cozy little nest for two now everyone can do what they want at the  same time together and being together is  a good thing right so let’s try something completely  different here are six friends and this  is where they live  together why not let some bunk beds  curtains for privacy and a big communal  table to gather around you can work to  make the most of the space you’ve got  all you really need is an open mind and  a few smart small ideas.

It’s about  finding and using hidden spaces and  choosing furniture that does more than  one thing and it works no matter how  much or how little space you have it’s  not about giving up your dreams  it’s about shrinking a little bit  it’s about making space do more even  more than you could imagine  and it’s not about waiting it’s about  doing it today a dream home doesn’t need  to be big just smart and it’s kind of  funny when you think about it the space  you’ve been looking for  it’s been right there all along.


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